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Castor Data Catalog

Our platform enables data people to find, understand and use data assets. We extract and organize all the metadata from your data infrastructures.

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For a small data team willing to implement data good practices from the start.

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For companies starting to feel the pain of data documentation, governance, and discovery.

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For workplaces with complex data organisation, security, and compliance needs.

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Pricing FAQ

What if I want to sync to a destination that is not supported?

We add new integrations every 2 weeks. If you don't see the app in our integrations, contact us and we can prioritize it.

Can I pay for my annual commitment on a monthly basis?

Yes, we offer several payment methods. Either a monthly-to-month payment, either a one of annual payment for an annual commitment, or a monthly payment with an annual commitment.

Do you provide onboarding?

Yes, we provide an onboarding service on both the free trial and the business plan. In the latter, we will also provide consulting advice from field experts to help you master your data governance strategy.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. Castor does not access your data at any point. You can learn more in our privacy policy, which outlines how we process & handle data. If you want an NDA during our onboarding process, just let us know.

Are you GDPR & CCPA compliant?

Yes. Castor was designed from the ground up to process data securely and privately. We believe your customer data should live on data infrastructure that you control. We offer a signed DPA upon request.

Can I add integrations during my contract?

Absolutely. If you want to add a new integration like Snowflake, Redshift, Looker, Tableau, or else halfway through your annual agreement, simply contact us.

How long is the free trial?

We offer a no-commitment trial, with access to all features, for 14 days.

What does Castor mean?

Castor means beaver in French. It is a bad reference to beavers being (data) lake's architects or builders.

How about our logo?

A shoe sole, a peanut, a jackfruit, a footprint, a cat's tongue or a sweet potato? Well, none of the above. You'll find the answer here

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