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Index all data assets in a powerful search
Build a single source of truth for your data and KPI
Assign and maintain ownership of data assets

Technical Set Up


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Read-only access to metadata of your warehouse and BI tool
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Gather all your existing documentation in one place

If you have documentation in dbt, Confluence, Notion, Snowflake or anywhere else, we ingest it and render it in Castor.


Import documentation
from data sources

Google Analytics, Salesforce, Stripe, and many other data sources have their own documentation. We can automatically document data tables you created with Stitch or Fivetran.


Create value without manual input

Castor generates automatic metadata such as frequent user, popularity, last update, query history, lineage ...


Ease what can't be automated

Some columns appear a lot in your data warehouse. Document them once and propagate descriptions, personal information tags, or ownership over your different assets

Everyone can enjoy the benefits


Invite your collegues

Batch invite all data warehouses users in a click or plan for a well-structured roll-out.


Prioritize efforts

Focus your team's efforts on popular tables first to maximize impact. Have a bird's eye view of documentation progress.


Keep everyone up to date

Whether there is a schema change, a new column, or bad data ... Send notifications whenever there's something worth knowing

Deploy safely in minutes.

Castor does not access data itself. We only connect to metadata (schema, table, column names, etc). In addition, we are committed to security and focused on keeping you and your metadata safe. Castor follows industry-leading security standards.