Your data has never been so clear and friendly

With Castor, your data is clearly documented and findable by anyone in your team.

Join the 100 best tech companies in the world and invest in the next-generation data dictionary* 

*those are not our clients though ... yet!


Data Scientist at US unicorn

Just like the Iphone, you don't know that you need it until you have it


BI analyst at UK Leading Fintech

I can achieve 3x more work in 50% of the time it would usually take me


Data Engineer at French CAC40 Bank

Finding the right data set in the company is as easy as a Google search.

Castor replaces the static process of data documentation thanks to a system designed to be : 






​Get an overview of all the data in your organization and unify search across your entire data ecosystem. 

  • Search for data within the whole organization thanks to a tailored search engine

  • Access the data with its context to easily understand it and limit mistake​s while using it

  • Avoid double storage and queries to save money and time 

  • Get the history of the creation and modification of the tables

Search for data assets

Fast and easy


Say goodbye to "Tribal Knowledge". Understand a database within seconds thanks to quality documentation :

  • Access and modify documentation from your daily interface (Tableau, Jupyter Notebook, url)​

  • Send documentation in one click

  • Discuss and share thoughts on a dedicated tab​

  • Modify the metadata in a collaborative way​

get the full context around data



Share data documentation in a click, across the whole company, through your favorite tools : ​


  • Send documentation in one click through a weblink​

  • Discuss and share your questions on the database on the dedicated feed​

  • Find the owner's contact details to reach him/her easily ​if needed

  • Subscribe to your favorite databases to know whenever there's a change​

Ask data questions, data democratization

Take advantage of


(In Alpha Test) Castor​ is a tool designed to connect to all the data ecosystem : 

  • Document your data on Castor, find it back everywhere

  • Access your data documentation in your favorite tools (Tableau, Jupiter, Excel​)

  • Castor becomes the only source of truth regarding data documentation thanks to its connector and version control

Connected and integrated data landscape

Castor is Google for internal company data

/ Tristan Mayer


Your data has never been so clear and friendly

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