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Castor is a data catalog designed for mass adoption across the whole company.

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Have an overview of all your data environment. Search for data instantly thanks to our powerful search engine.
Onboard to a new data infrastructure and access data in a breeze.

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Go beyond your traditional data catalog. Modern data teams now have numerous data sources, build one truth.
With its delightful and automated documentation experience, Castor makes it dead simple to trust data.

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Column-level, cross-system data lineage in minutes. Get a bird’s eye view of your data pipelines to build trust in your data. Troubleshoot data issues, perform impact analyses, comply with GDPR in one tool.

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Optimize performance, cost, compliance, and security for your data.
Keep your data stack healthy with our automated infrastructure monitoring system.

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Why Castor?

More Data,
Less Problems

Past 10 years innovations were focused on producing more data.  Data ingestion and ETL, Data Warehouses, Data Modeling, and Business Intelligence tools make it easy to store, process and create more data.

Today, we enter a new era. The new challenge is improving experience and health of your data at scale.

Do more, better

Customer Story
Vestaire collective logo white

"Castor gave us an easy and friendly tool to maintain documentation for thousands of tables. We can now leverage the work we do on data governance to give autonomy to our data people and make them more efficient”

Aleksander Djurka form Vestiaire Collective

Aleksander Djurka
Chief Information Officer







Customer Story

" I was hooked since the first demo. The product is well engineered with an elegant user centric approach.
The data lineage capabilities helped us identify downstream problems or troubleshoot data pipeline issues faster. I highly recommend using Castor. "

Ibrahim Elkadi
Head of BI & Analytics Engineering


Business clients


Operating cities



How does it work?

Deploy in minutes

Castor ingests metadata via in-house connectors, or custom made external connectors via API methods.

Data warehouse

BI tools

Data quality tools

Slack, Github, Jira and more...

Orchestration systems

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A lot of automation

Castor transforms metadata to add intelligence and automate painful documentation tasks

Data lineage links

Popularity, common joins and frequent users

Data freshness & source SQL

Propagate Descriptions, and Tags

Auto Tag Personal Information (PII)

Test Auto-Documentation

Built to collaborate

Castor is designed for everyone to use within the company.

Share documentation & collaborate in a delightful UI

Unify documentation across your data infrastructure with push & pull connectors

Never share data without the context to trust it

Start Now

Get started in minutes, with your favorite tools

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We’re Enterprise Ready

Connect your data in minutes with our no-code integrations.


Your data is safe. Castor is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, undergo regular pentest audits and is GDPR compliant.


Data governance is powerful but not easy. Our partners are industry data leaders, ready to drive your success.

24/7 Support

We provide personalized Slack & in-app support to help you bring data experience to the next level.

Ready to leverage your metadata