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CastorDoc harnesses the power of Natural Langage Search, incorporating advanced filtering, popularity metrics, and extensive knowledge pages to deliver an unparalleled data discovery experience.

Talk To Your Data Through Powerful NLP Search

Empower Every User

Empower every user: Break down barriers to data access by allowing anyone to retrieve information in a conversational manner, right within their favourite tools. The AI assistant is integrated with Slack, Teams, and BI tools, ensuring stakeholders can ask their data questions without changing environment.

Cultivate Shared Insights

Foster a unified data culture by enabling seamless access to shared definitions, metrics, and KPIs, ensuring that every team member is on the same page.

Find What Matters, Access the Most Relevant Insights

Leverage Your Data’s Popularity

CastorDoc's search algorithm prioritizes the most frequently used and popular data assets, ensuring you're always working with the most relevant and trusted information.

Customize Your Discovery

Dive deeper with advanced filtering options tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're sorting by ownership, tags, teams, or other dimensions, CastorDoc empowers you to navigate and pinpoint the exact data you require. This level of precision supports a more efficient and focused analysis.

Discover Data Within Business Context

Explore Your Company’s Knowledge

CastorDoc allows you to search not only through your data, but also through your knowledge pages, metrics and KPIs. Explore and interact with your knowledge in a complete new way.

Knowledge-Infused Data Discovery

In CastorDoc, we bridge the gap between data and business acumen. Every search connects the dots between your data and the underlying business knowledge, ensuring a holistic understanding. This synergy empowers you with actionable insights, where data is always presented within its business context.

See Why Users Love CastorDoc


"Documentation is a painful process, we thus think it should be crowdsourced as much as possible, just like Wikipedia."

Osian Liwyd Jones
Head of Product, Data Platform, Stuart
Employees, more than half of the company, uses CastorDoc on a monthly basis.

"I could not imagine reducing the number of questions we got from stakeholders was possible before we had a data catalog"

Jimmy Pang
Business Intelligence Lead, Vestiaire Collective
Increase in team productivity with CastorDoc

"I can give CastorDoc to anyone in the company and I know that they won't ask any questions."

Filipe Palma
Data Platform Product Manager, Printify
decrease in data-related slack pings to the data team thanks to CastorDoc
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