Automated Lineage at the Column Level

Effortlessly track automated lineage at both the table and column level, from raw data down to your BI tools & data apps.

Streamline Incident Resolution

Conduct Precise Impact Analysis

Quickly understand the extent and root cause of incidents, facilitating a targeted approach to resolution.

Alert Relevant Stakeholders

Efficiently notify both downstream and upstream owners about changes, ensuring a collaborative response.

Optimize Change Management

Ensure Seamless Migrations

Leverage data lineage for smooth, error-free migrations, safeguarding data integrity and ensuring continuity.

Enhance Process Transparency

Gain clear insights into change impacts, enabling informed decision-making and minimizing disruption.

Simplify Governance and Compliance

Generate Comprehensive Audit Trails

Simplify compliance and enhance investigations with detailed audit trails for all data movements and transformations.

Automate Classification Propagation

Simplify compliance and enhance investigations with detailed audit trails for all data movements and transformations.

Accelerate Onboarding and Enhance Data Usability

Facilitate Team Onboarding

Use data lineage visualizations to help new team members quickly grasp data flows and relationships.

Enhance Understanding of Assets:

Quickly find and access relevant data with intuitive lineage paths, improving visibility into downstream impacts for smarter data insights.j

See Why Users Love CastorDoc


"Before using CastorDoc, it took us 45 minutes to discover the data we needed. Now, with CastorDoc, we can find the same information in just seconds."

Randeep Rai
Governance & Compliance Manager, Veolia

"Documentation is a painful process, we thus think it should be crowdsourced as much as possible, just like Wikipedia."

Osian Liwyd Jones
Head of Product, Data Platform, Stuart
Employees, more than half of the company, uses CastorDoc on a monthly basis.

"I could not imagine reducing the number of questions we got from stakeholders was possible before we had a data catalog"

Jimmy Pang
Business Intelligence Lead, Vestiaire Collective
Increase in team productivity with CastorDoc

"I can give CastorDoc to anyone in the company and I know that they won't ask any questions."

Filipe Palma
Data Platform Product Manager, Printify
decrease in data-related slack pings to the data team thanks to CastorDoc
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