SQL Assistant

On demand data analyst Support

The CastorDoc AI Assistant boosts your team's productivity by speeding up query debugging, simplifying query creation, assisting in crafting durable queries, and breaking down barriers to developing new queries.

Take Your Team’s Productivity to New Heights

Accelerate Query Debugging

Use the AI assistant for precise debugging of your SQL queries. It helps you swiftly locate and address inefficiencies, ensuring your queries run smoother and faster.

Streamline Query Creation

Manual query writing is often time-consuming, even for the most straightforward ones. Our AI Assistant transforms this process, enabling you to compose accurate queries in minutes. This will increases the overall productivity of your team.

Craft Queries Designed to Last

Optimize Query Crafting

The SQL Assistant helps you craft queries that optimize more than just speed. Get assistance in crafting queries that boast optimal structure, high readability, and clear comprehension. This leads to enhanced efficiency and reduced resource consumption, offering a significant advantage to your infrastructure.

Build for the Future

Get assistance for writing queries designed with performance, clarity, and scalability in mind. Our assistant ensures that the queries you create today are prepared to meet the demands of tomorrow, supporting your organization's growth and evolving data needs.

Remove Barriers to Analysis

Simplified Query Creation

Struggling with SQL is no longer a hurdle. The AI Assistant allows you to communicate your data analysis needs in plain language. It then crafts the precise SQL query for you, making data analysis effortlessly accessible to all skill levels.

Seamless Integration With Your Ecosystem

Once the AI crafts your query, integration is as simple as copy-pasting it into your preferred environment. This functionality ensures that every team member, regardless of their technical background, can become a data analyst, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making.

See Why Users Love CastorDoc


"Documentation is a painful process, we thus think it should be crowdsourced as much as possible, just like Wikipedia."

Osian Liwyd Jones
Head of Product, Data Platform, Stuart
Employees, more than half of the company, uses CastorDoc on a monthly basis.

"I could not imagine reducing the number of questions we got from stakeholders was possible before we had a data catalog"

Jimmy Pang
Business Intelligence Lead, Vestiaire Collective
Increase in team productivity with CastorDoc

"I can give CastorDoc to anyone in the company and I know that they won't ask any questions."

Filipe Palma
Data Platform Product Manager, Printify
decrease in data-related slack pings to the data team thanks to CastorDoc
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