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Build trust and understanding at every level

The AI Assistant empowers your organization with deep, company-wide trust in its data assets. Whether you're seeking clarity on a dashboard's purpose or questioning the safety of a table, our AI Assistant provides answers to all your questions. Right in your favourite ecosystem.

Get AI Assistance Within Your Workflow

Engage in Direct Dashboard Dialogue

CastorDoc integrates with your collaboration and business intelligence ecosystems, allowing direct engagement with your dashboards through Slack and the Chrome extension. This enables you to ask any questions – whether it's about understanding a dashboard's source and ownership or clarifying its data points.

Empower Every Stakeholder

This integration ensures that stakeholders are not merely passive viewers of data outputs. They are fully equipped to grasp the details of dashboard construction and comprehend the logic that underpins their data.

Verify Data Reliability with Instant Trust Assessments

Quick AI consultation

Unsure about your data's reliability? Consult the AI assistant for an immediate boost in confidence. With its help, you can quickly assess the credibility of any dataset.

Trust Metrics at a Glance

Access comprehensive trust metrics—including data quality scores, usage frequency, and ownership—via the Chrome extension. This enables you to gain the confidence you need to use any dataset without second-guessing.

Understand Data, Regardless of Your Technical Level

Simplify Data Analysis

CastorDoc's AI assistant significantly reduces the complexity involved in data analysis. By translating SQL queries into plain language, it democratizes data access, enabling individuals across all levels of technical proficiency to understand how data is compiled and queried.

Cultivate Data Literacy

The AI assistant fosters a culture of data literacy across the entire organization. By making complex data concepts accessible to non-technical team members, it ensures that everyone can make informed decisions based on clear, comprehensible insights.

See Why Users Love CastorDoc


"Documentation is a painful process, we thus think it should be crowdsourced as much as possible, just like Wikipedia."

Osian Liwyd Jones
Head of Product, Data Platform, Stuart
Employees, more than half of the company, uses CastorDoc on a monthly basis.

"I could not imagine reducing the number of questions we got from stakeholders was possible before we had a data catalog"

Jimmy Pang
Business Intelligence Lead, Vestiaire Collective
Increase in team productivity with CastorDoc

"I can give CastorDoc to anyone in the company and I know that they won't ask any questions."

Filipe Palma
Data Platform Product Manager, Printify
decrease in data-related slack pings to the data team thanks to CastorDoc
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