Your data has never been so clear and friendly

With Castor, your data is clearly documented and discoverable by everyone in your team.


Data Analyst at e-commerce Leader

Castor helps me find, understand and use data assets faster. I wouldn't be as efficient without it.


Ops Analyst at UK Leading Fintech

I am a non-technical user. With Castor, I can now browse the data we store. It helps me think of great analysis.


Head of Data at French CAC40 Bank

Castor helps me onboard my data engineers/analysts faster and better. On the first day, they can deliver value without mistakes. 

Castor replaces the static process of data documentation thanks to a system designed to be : 






​Get an overview of all the data in your organization and unify search across your entire data ecosystem.

  • Search for data within the whole organization thanks to a tailored search engine

  • Access the data with its context to easily understand it and limit mistake​s while using it

  • Avoid duplicate storage and queries to save money and time

  • Get the history of the creation and modification of the tables

Search for data assets

Fast and easy


Say goodbye to "Tribal Knowledge". Understand a database within seconds thanks to quality documentation :

  • Access and modify documentation from your daily interface (Tableau, Jupyter Notebook, url)​

  • Send documentation in one click

  • Discuss and share thoughts on a dedicated tab​

  • Modify the metadata in a collaborative way​

get the full context around data



Share data documentation in a click, across the whole company, through your favorite tools : ​


  • Send documentation in one click through a weblink​

  • Discuss and share your questions on the database on the dedicated feed​

  • Find the owner's contact details to reach him/her easily ​if needed

  • Subscribe to your favorite databases to know whenever there's a change​

Ask data questions, data democratization

Take advantage of


Castor​ is a tool designed to connect to all the data ecosystem :

  • Document your data on Castor, find it back everywhere

  • Access your data documentation in your favorite tools (Tableau, Jupyter, Excel​)

  • Castor becomes the only source of truth regarding data documentation thanks to its connector and version control

Castor is Google for internal company data

/ Tristan Mayer


Your data has never been so clear and friendly

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