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We’ve mastered the art of producing data…a little too well. From duplicate tables to broken dashboards, data and business teams are spending too much time trying to navigate, understand, and clean up the chaos. Through solving discovery, community, and health, CastorDoc is on a mission to help teams work smarter with their data.

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Who We Are

Not your average data catalog

CastorDoc is the modern data catalog designed for collective intelligence. We help data teams improve discovery, governance teams boost efficiency, and business teams participate in the world of data. Because data is useless if it’s not used by the business at the end of the day.

We are former data scientists, engineers, heads of data, and citizen analysts. We’ve lived the struggle to find data, manage governance, and increase data adoption in the business. The tools that are out there added a layer of complexity, rather than removing it… and that’s why we built CastorDoc.

With viral adoption in mind, CastorDoc empowers anyone in an organization to find the data they need, when they need it. In the context of their team and those who have used the data before them. With the controls in place to ensure the right people have the right access. So you can break down silos, build efficient data stacks and do more, better.


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What We Do

Collective intelligence that’s available everywhere

Organizations use CastorDoc to automate a map of their data infrastructure that evolves as they do. CastorDoc easily connects to your data stack, gathers metadata, and automatically builds context to surface your most popular, relevant, and up-to-date data. Then, it allows everyone to contribute, so you can crowdsource documentation to reflect wider company knowledge.

With an intuitive UI, AI enhancements, and seamless sync backs to your favorite data tools, CastorDoc provides users on any team a window into your company’s data blueprint. So your documentation is available anywhere, and teams can finally speak the same language.

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Data Discovery

Find the data you need, when you need it. Easily search for assets and discover how your all your data fits together and into the bigger picture

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Data Catalog

The modern data catalog with all the bells. Automate documentation by integrating and ingesting metadata within minutes.

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Data Lineage

Easily access column lineage across all your tools. See the high level overview of your pipelines to build trust and see how changes affect downstream assets.

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Data Governance

Keep your data stack lean by optimizing for performance and costs, while maintaining compliance and security for all your data.

Why CastorDoc

We connect data teams to the business

Other tools are built “by data people, for data people.” And sure, that sounds nice. But the reality is that data isn’t just for data people. It’s for everyone in the business. That’s why we build for data people, for governance people, and for business people. We build for viral adoption with anyone who can use data to make better decisions. By using CastorDoc and syncing documentation back to each team’s native tools, every team gets the context they need at their fingertips.

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See Why Users Love CastorDoc
Fantastic tool for data discovery and documentation

“[I like] The easy to use interface and the speed of finding the relevant assets that you're looking for in your database. I also really enjoy the score given to each table, [which] lets you prioritize the results of your queries by how often certain data is used.” - Michal P., Head of Data