Enhancing the Governance Experience with Snowflake Horizon

Snowflake Horizon represents a leap forward in data governance, offering a comprehensive suite of compliance, security, privacy, and interoperability capabilities.

Enhancing the Governance Experience with Snowflake Horizon

Starting 2024 on a good note: we are proud to announce our inclusion in the Snowflake Horizon Partner Ecosystem. This collaboration provides advanced data governance and security solutions to our joint customers through the CastorDoc integration with the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Snowflake Horizon: A Unified Governance Solution

Snowflake Horizon represents a leap forward in data governance, offering a comprehensive suite of compliance, security, privacy, and interoperability capabilities. By integrating with Snowflake, CastorDoc extends these capabilities, enabling customers to govern and secure their data across diverse environments and systems.

Enhanced Data Governance and Security with CastorDoc

Our integration focuses on several key areas:

1. Metadata Management:

Leveraging Snowflake's account_usage views and information_schema, CastorDoc enhances data asset understanding and facilitates efficient data management.

2. Dynamic Data Masking:

Utilizing Snowflake's dynamic data masking feature, we provide column-level security, ensuring sensitive data across your organization is managed securely.

3. Row Access Policies:

Our integration with Snowflake's row access policies enables fine-grained control over data access, bolstering security and compliance.

4. Object Tagging and Management:

Through our integration with Snowflake, CastorDoc significantly enhances data governance with advanced object tagging capabilities. This feature enables users to apply context-rich tags to data objects, classifying them as sensitive, PII, or associating them with specific cost centers. By creating a custom library of tags within CastorDoc, users can easily organize and manage a wide array of Snowflake objects, including columns, tables, databases, and warehouses.

The practical applications of this system are diverse, facilitating:

  • Sensitive and PII Data Tracking: Streamlining compliance reporting and access control.
  • Resource Usage Tracking: Enhancing visibility for better budgeting and resource allocation.
  • Flexible Privilege Management: Adapting to both centralized and decentralized tagging approaches.

This integration aligns with Snowflake Horizon's emphasis on advanced data governance, providing a robust solution for data organization and insight.

Filter, Find and Track data faster thanks to Object Tagging

5. Access History and Object Dependencies:

CastorDoc's integration with Snowflake enriches data management through advanced data lineage and access history features. Data lineage technology in CastorDoc enables tracing the journey of data from its origin to its final state, helping identify and rectify issues at their root.

Snowflake's expanded Access History view records key data activities, offering critical insights into data transformations and usage within Snowflake. This streamlined tracking is invaluable for compliance auditing and lifecycle management.

Column-level data lineage is automatically generated in CastorDoc.

Key benefits of this integration include:

  • Data Troubleshooting: Quickly locate and resolve data issues at their source.
  • Impact Analysis: Assess the potential impact of changes on critical data assets.
  • Discovery and Trust: Verify the quality and integrity of data within Snowflake.
  • Definition Propagation: Efficiently manage and disseminate data documentation.
  • Data Privacy Regulation Compliance: Map and protect PII and GDPR-sensitive data.
  • Data Assets Management: Strategically plan data migrations and cleanups within Snowflake.

Looking Forward: Continuous Innovation with Snowflake Horizon

We are excited to innovate and deepen our partnership by continuously enhancing our joint solutions delivered as a part of Snowflake Horizon. Our goal is to provide customers with cutting-edge tools and solutions for comprehensive data governance and security.

Conclusion: A Partnership Committed to Data Excellence

As a proud member of the Snowflake Horizon Partner Ecosystem, CastorDoc is not just contributing to a technical alliance; we are forging a path towards empowering organizations with robust data governance solutions. We're excited to continue our journey with Snowflake, offering you the tools and insights to manage and secure your data estate more effectively.

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