Now Live: AI Search

AI Search makes company knowledge readily available and easily discoverable. Simply ask your question; and AI Search responds with precise, relevant information drawn directly from your knowledge pages

Now Live: AI Search

We're excited to announce the launch of AI Search, a feature that transforms the way your stakeholders interact with your knowledge base.

Revolutionizing Company Knowledge Dissemination

AI search in CastorDoc - try it today

In many organizations, critical knowledge such as KPIs and metrics remains buried in data dictionaries or catalogs, often overlooked or difficult to access. AI Search changes this dynamic, making company knowledge readily available and easily discoverable. Stakeholders can now simply input their queries in conversational language, and AI Search responds with precise, relevant information drawn directly from your extensive knowledge pages. This intuitive approach ensures that vital company knowledge is effectively disseminated across your organization.

Powered by Advanced Search Technologies

This feature leverages cutting-edge search technologies, ensuring you get the most relevant and accurate responses. Its daily updates guarantee that the information you receive is always current and reflective of the latest inputs in your knowledge base.

Committed to Technical Excellence and Safety

We take data safety and integrity seriously. To address any concerns, we've detailed our comprehensive safety measures in the CastorDoc AI safety notice. This document underscores our commitment to protecting your data while providing powerful search capabilities.

Redefine Your Data Interactions Today

AI Search is not just a tool; it's a pathway to reliable and intuitive knowledge discovery. It streamlines data interactions and speeds up the decision-making process, empowering users at all levels of your organization.

Begin your journey with AI Search at CastorDoc here.

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