Now Live: Surface Data Quality with dbt Tests & Soda

Data quality + data cataloging = ❤️

Now Live: Surface Data Quality with dbt Tests & Soda

We're excited to announce surfaced Data Quality results directly alongside your data's documentation. You can now quickly surface your data's health, so you can easily see the results of data quality tests at a glance. Now, more than ever, data quality is critical for businesses. If you rely on data to make informed decisions, you must ensure the data is healthy. Unhealthy data can lead to uninformed decisions, missed opportunities, and financial losses.

Surfacing Data Quality with Castor

Using Castor to view your Data Quality results alongside your data documentation can help you identify potential issues with your data. By being informed of data quality tests, your team can proactively take action to enhance data quality, preventing any negative impact on your business. To start, surfacing Data Quality integrates with dbt tests and Soda, with more integrations on the way. Let us know what you'd like to see next!

The benefits of healthy data go beyond simply avoiding issues. High-quality data can drive business impact and give your organization a competitive edge. It can reduce costs, drive team confidence,  inform decisions, and increase efficiency. 

Reduce Errors and Costs 

Unhealthy data has the potential to be very costly for businesses through wasted resources, mistakes, and unexploited opportunities. With poor data quality, companies may rely on inaccurate information to make decisions, wasting time and effort. Additionally, due to incorrect data, businesses can let opportunities slip through the cracks. Unhealthy data can even go as far as violating regulations due to incorrect or incomplete data. By quickly addressing and identifying data quality issues, businesses can save significant costs and avoid unnecessary expenses. 

Confidently Make Informed Decisions

When teams trust their data, they are more likely to use it to drive informed decisions. However, accurate data can impact more than just decision-making. It can also help businesses identify potential areas for improvement and growth. By using Castor's new data quality feature, businesses can now quickly and confidently make decisions that are based on the most accurate and reliable data.

Get Lean and Increase Efficiency

Maintaining high-quality data can reduce the time and effort required to process and analyze it, freeing up resources that can be used elsewhere. Furthermore, healthy data can improve efficiency across all business areas, from operations to marketing, by providing clear insights into customer behavior, market trends, and other key metrics. Using Castor to view Data Quality results is another step in allowing teams to fully leverage their data and gain a competitive edge in their industry.

Try Data Quality with Castor

In today's competitive business landscape, every advantage matters. With data quality results now surfaced within Castor, you can monitor your data’s health, and your team can stay ahead of the competition by making better decisions, identifying new opportunities, and responding quickly and efficiently.

This is just the start of including data quality tests in the product. Right now, we directly integrate with dbt tests and Soda, but more integrations are coming soon, so let us know what you’d like to see next! 

Learn more and try data quality with dbt tests and Soda here.

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