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dbt is a command line tool that enables data analysts and engineers to transform data in their warehouse more effectively.

Why Castor x dbt makes sense?

dbt enables data analysts and engineers to transform data in their warehouse using SQL. It offers the first bricks of data documentation: lineage, dbt docs and quality tests. Yet, there are several short-comings when it comes to build a great documentation experience:

  • Search: dbt search is not optimized for discovery. It is hard to find the relevant assets, fast if at all.
  • Popularity: dbt ressources are not ranked or organized by popularity. This makes it hard to know what are the most important ressources when your are not familiar with the data infrastructure.
  • Democratization: dbt interface, even dbt docs, is too technical for business users. Although they did an awesome job at democratizing data engineering, the marketing analyst or the legal team won't feel as comfortable on dbt as they would on Notion.
  • Integrations to the rest of the data stack: you don't want analysts to change tools to document and search for data. You want a unified interface gathering all the relevant tools, ranging from ETL to BI tools.

How does it work?

The following information will be extracted from dbt daily and associated with the relevant dataset(s):

  • Link to dbt model code
  • column and table descriptions (from dbt docs)
  • dbt run status
  • any downstream/upstream sources
  • dataset owner
  • dataset last updated time
  • dataset created at time
  • dbt tests (coming soon)
  • dbt run start/finish time (coming soon)

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"Castor gave us an easy and friendly tool to maintain documentation for thousands of tables. We can now leverage the work we do on data governance to give autonomy to our data people and make them more efficient"

Aleksander Djurka

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"We have strong hiring plans for the data team. With Castor, new hires can ramp up really fast on our data infrastructure. Also, if an experienced data player was to leave us, I know that most of his data knowledge will stay in the company"

Maxime Laurenty

Data Architect

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"Thanks to Castor, we managed to increase visibility on our production database.
We had trouble to know what existed, what it meant, when it was refreshed and how it was built."

Madeleine Jullien

Head of Data

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