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Looker is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) platform designed to explore and analyze data.

Why Castor x Looker makes sense?

Looker's search experience is not optimal. If you try and search for a specific column in Looker, you might have to open each explore and search for this column. End users often end up lost in all the Explores, Looks and Dashboards when they are looking for a specific content. One of the reasons is that lineage and popularity of Explores, Looks and Dashboards are not leveraged to organise these assets. It is hard to trust and have visibility in the Looker UI.

Castor makes it easy to find data the most relevant data assets with a powerful search optimized thanks to popularity and advanced filtering options. Castor also provides lineage between the data warehouse tables and Looker Explores, Dashboards and Looks.

How does it work?

Find and trust the most relevant dashboards in seconds, not hours

This feature aims at displaying Looker's Explores, Dashboards and Looks within Castor, linking them with the tables they use and leveraging their popularity for search purposes. For example, data consumers can thus search across all explores for the relevant column description.

Use-case #1

As as Sales Manager, I want to be able to find the MRR dashboard based on a search query and their popularity so that I can get a faster analytics insights

Use-case #2

As a Customer Success Ops, I want to be able to find the most advanced/popular data asset for my need and be guided in how to use a table if needed

Ok, but what does it change for me?

Thanks to the Castor x Looker integration, you have better control, trust and visibility on your data infrastructure. This helps with:

  • Decreasing the number of duplicate content and work
  • Decreasing "Time to answer" as users can use the highest value add asset available (they don't use a table anymore when a dashboard is available)
  • Increasing the ability to deploy self-served analytics to less technical users

Looker Dashboard Lineage: find all the tables used to create the Looker Dashboard and all the Looks using it

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With Castor, your data is well documented and discoverable by everyone in your team.

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Customer Story
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"Castor gave us an easy and friendly tool to maintain documentation for thousands of tables. We can now leverage the work we do on data governance to give autonomy to our data people and make them more efficient”

Aleksander Djurka form Vestiaire Collective

Aleksander Djurka
Chief Information Officer







Customer Story

" I was hooked since the first demo. The product is well engineered with an elegant user centric approach.
The data lineage capabilities helped us identify downstream problems or troubleshoot data pipeline issues faster. I highly recommend using Castor. "

Ibrahim Elkadi
Head of BI & Analytics Engineering


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