CastorDoc and PostgreSQL

Postgres is a free and open-source relational database management system emphasizing extensibility.

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Why PostgreSQL and Castor?

Postgres is a free and open-source relational database management system emphasizing extensibility.

Your might have hundreds or thousands of data tables on PostgreSQL. Discovery, documentation, ownership and governance is hard with fast growing data assets and data teams. Castor is a plug-and-play layer that help your data team power self-service analytics.

What does Castor help you with?

Castor enables you to scale your self-service analytics strategy without losing control. We are designed with real use-cases in mind :

🔎   You work with data you don't know

Your boss asks to build a report on "Churn for Premium Users in 2021". You need to find the relevant dataset, understand the meaning of its column, and use it fast.

✅ Reduce by 95% the time to find the right data asset (source : Lyft)

🧬   A key employee is leaving

Mike, the data engineer that built the entire data infrastructure is leaving at the end of the month. All the knowledge is in his head. He needs to write it down.

✅ 42% of the work not recovered without knowledge management (source : 360Learning)

👩🏽‍🌾  A new employee onboarding

Elsa, data analyst, arrived last week. She has no idea what data the company stores or how it is used. She spends hours asking around to gather knowledge.

✅ New hires are autonomous after day 1

💣  A data pipeline is late

Nelson, customer success analyst, refreshes the "daily active users" dashboard every two minutes. The data hasn't arrived yet. He wants to know what is happening.

✅ 5x less Slack messages on #ask_data

🗺️  No one knows where personal information are

Camila, from data governance, has to map all personal information to comply to GDPR requirements. She needs a list of all data assets and their location.

✅ 70% of employees have access to data that they shouldn’t (source)

PostgreSQL Set Up

You can set up a PostgreSQL integration with your Castor workspace in three easy steps:

  1. Select the source, aka PostgreSQL
  2. Provide your credentials
  3. Set up your configuration

We will guide you through all the steps of the process. The technical onboarding generally last less than 30 minutes to set everything up.

These roles only allow Castor to see the data model, the queries and the users, by running queries on the metadata. It is the minimum roles allowing us to read your metadata while not being able to read your data.


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Fantastic tool for data discovery and documentation

“[I like] The easy to use interface and the speed of finding the relevant assets that you're looking for in your database. I also really enjoy the score given to each table, [which] lets you prioritize the results of your queries by how often certain data is used.” - Michal P., Head of Data