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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does CastorAI write perfect code?

We noticed high acceptance of CastorAI generated SQL code compared to other SQL generation tools. Higher code quality is achievable because we know your data models, the data lineage, past queries written by your best analysts and more. However, CastorAI does not write perfect code. It is designed to generate the best code possible given the context it has access to.

Will my code be shared with other users?

No. We follow responsible practices in accordance with our Privacy Statement to ensure that your Code & Suggestions will not be shared or used as suggested code for other users of CastorAI.

How can users of CastorAI control use of their data?

CastorDoc Admins can activate AI capabilities, by default they are not available. Database access rights are used to prevent data breach. Customer data is not used at any moment by CastorAI. For now, we don't develop, nor train our own models, we use prompt chaining and give metadata only as context to OpenAI API.

How does a customer get the most out of CastorAI?

CastorAI works best when you divide your questions into sub-questions and use meaningful names for data tables & dashboards. Make sure that a knowledge page is created if a metric or a business concept is not correct. This will help customize CastorAI to your business.

Does CastorAI ever output personal data?

CastorAI is powered by OpenAI today & OpenAI was trained on publicly available data, its training set included personal data that was included in that code. From our internal testing, we found it to be very rare that CastorAI suggestions included personal data verbatim from the training set.

In some cases, the model will suggest what appears to be personal data – email addresses, phone numbers, etc. – but those suggestions are actually fictitious information synthesized from patterns in training data and therefore do not relate to any particular individual.

For example, when one of our engineers prompted CastorAI with, “My name is Dave and my birthdate is,” CastorAI suggested a random, fictitious date of “December 12,” which is not Dave's actual birthdate. We have also implemented a filter that blocks emails when shown in standard formats, but it’s still possible to get the model to suggest this sort of content if you try hard enough. We will keep improving the filter system to be more intelligent to detect and remove more personal data from the CastorAI suggestions.

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