Now Live: Dashboard Q&A

Introducing AI-Powered Dashboard Insights. This new feature offers in-depth dashboard analysis and SQL assistance

Now Live: Dashboard Q&A

We're excited to announce a feature that transforms how users interact with data dashboards: the AI-powered Dashboard Insights, available directly within our Chrome Extension. This tool is like having a data expert always ready to dissect and explain your dashboards.

Dashboard Q&A: Your In-Browser Data Expert

This feature marks a milestone structured around two core components: Dashboard Q&A and SQL Co-Pilot.

  • Dashboard Q&A revolutionizes how users engage with their dashboards. It enables a deep exploration into the 'hows' and 'whys' behind the visualizations and metrics displayed. This part of the feature ensures stakeholders are not just passive viewers of data outputs but are equipped to understand the details of dashboard construction and the logic that underpins their data. It facilitates a deeper connection with the data, empowering users to discern not just what is presented, but how it’s organized and why it’s important, thereby fostering a more informed decision-making process.
  • The SQL Co-Pilot component elevates the user experience by providing enhanced support for crafting SQL queries. Acting as a virtual navigator, it guides users through the complexities of data querying, from simple lookups to intricate data manipulations. It ensures that users, regardless of their technical prowess, can navigate through their data landscapes with confidence and precision, significantly streamlining the process of data analysis.

Together, these components not only redefine the user's interaction with data dashboards but also enhance their ability to conduct sophisticated data analyses with greater autonomy and efficiency.

Dashboard Q&A feature - Image courtesy of CastorDoc

Key Benefits

This feature introduces three advantages:

  • Autonomy for Business Units: Empower your teams with the tools to understand and analyze data without constant reliance on data analysts. Dashboard Q&A facilitates a culture of self-service data exploration, aligning with strategic goals of enhancing data literacy across the organization.

  • Reliable Decision-Making Framework: Establish a foundation of trust in data insights across all departments. Clear, accessible insights from Dashboard Q&A ensure decisions are made on a solid, informed basis, strengthening your organization's data governance framework
  • Streamlined Operations: By accelerating the process from question to insight, Dashboard Q&A significantly reduces the time spent on data analysis. This efficiency not only frees up your data analysts for more complex tasks but also promotes a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to data-driven decision-making.

How It Works

Stakeholders can query the Assistant about various aspects of the dashboards, including:

  • Name
  • Source
  • Technology
  • Type
  • Verification status
  • Folder Path
  • Deprecation status

Additionally, the Assistant extends its capabilities to include more in-depth inquiries, allowing you to ask questions related to:

  • Dashboard SQL query
  • Tiles included in the dashboard
  • Tables used by the dashboard
  • Columns used by the dashboard
  • Viz Model

Whether you're verifying the current status of a dashboard, exploring the data sources and technology it uses, or diving into the specifics of its construction and the visualization models it employs, the Assistant streamlines this process, making it as simple as asking a question.

Empowering Users Across Platforms

The AI Assistant seamlessly integrates with your workflow through the CastorDoc Chrome Extension. Whether you're working with Snowflake, BigQuery, Metabase, Hex, Count, or dbt Cloud, our Assistant is designed to offer intuitive, conversational insights across a variety of platforms.

Tailored to Your Environment

Our goal is to support a broad spectrum of data environments and SQL editors. If your preferred tool isn't currently supported, let us know. We're committed to expanding our compatibility to meet your needs.

Embrace the New Era of Dashboard Interaction

Join us in this new approach to dashboard insights. Discover how this feature can improve the data interaction experience in your organization. Try out the Dashboard Q&A today.

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