Now Live: Unused Asset Reports

Clean up your unused data assets and build an efficient data stack

Now Live: Unused Asset Reports

We’re excited to share the latest from CastorDoc designed to enhance your data management and governance practices, the unused assets report. The report is developed specifically to identify unused data assets that have been dormant for more than 30 days, so you can trim back unnecessary bulk from your data stack.

Optimize your Data Stack

The Unused Assets Report is a strategic resource for optimizing your data infrastructure. Data assets can accumulate, create inefficiencies and eventually bog down your stack. In this case, unused assets are deemed unused when they nor their descendants have been accessed in over 30 days. This report enables you to identify these assets and trim back your data stack. The outcome? A leaner, more efficient data environment that performs better and keeps everyone on the same page.

Strengthened Data Governance

Maintaining a simplified and well-managed data environment is foundational for robust data governance. With our unused assets report, you can significantly reduce data redundancies and streamline your databases, contributing to better data quality. This enhancement bolsters the reliability of your data-driven decisions and strengthens trust within your organization’s data, a key factor in successful data governance.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Keeping up with data protection and privacy regulations is a complex task. This becomes simpler with our unused assets report by helping you maintain a leaner data environment so the risks associated with non-compliance and potential penalties are significantly reduced. Your journey toward robust compliance management is smoother when your data assets are streamlined and well-governed.

Try the Unused Assets Report

Our unused assets report provides key insight into assets, including data on the last usage date, key details about each asset, lineage type, views, and source details. This feature is invaluable to your data management toolkit, providing the insights you need to keep your data environment orderly and efficient.

Learn more and try the unused asset report here.

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