Now Live: User Teams

Build Context Around How Your Teams Use Data

Now Live: User Teams

This feature is the key to effective data management and decision-making to build collective intelligence across teams. Domain experts often view data through the lens of their position within the organization, and that should be reflected in the tools your organization uses. With this in mind, we're excited to announce User Teams, to support every team across your organization. 

Until now, individual users could find and navigate their data assets and build curated knowledge pages. However, a missing element was the ability to navigate and manage assets as a team. User Teams recognizes the diverse roles within an organization and the specific needs of different teams.

Teamwork Makes The Data Dream Work 

User Teams in CastorDoc are designed with the business user at its core. The ability to define and recognize teams acknowledges the layer of domain expertise and transforms the way users navigate the platform. 

Now, users have the ability to view the members of various teams, identify which teams are actively utilizing and possessing particular assets, and access associated knowledge pages that document the context of their teams. This gives users the confidence to reach out to the right individuals and teams, fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing. It's all about enhancing trust and confidence for our users, making CastorDoc a reliable, intuitive data catalog for everyone in the organization.

Confidence is Key

A huge benefit of User Teams is the ability to quickly see which team owns a particular asset and how often a team uses an asset. This knowledge empowers business users, providing an added layer of trust in the data assets they are exploring so they can make business decisions fast and with confidence. 

Whether a user is looking for insights from a frequently used table or needs to consult the owners of a particular dashboard,  User Teams make this process seamless and intuitive. It's all about breaking down silos and making data accessible and understandable for all users, regardless of their roles.

Build Collective Intelligence

For those in data governance, User Teams can pave the way for delegating responsibility for knowledge and documentation. This team-centric approach to data cataloging streamlines data governance and ensures business users can quickly identify the teams associated with specific assets. 

Furthermore, business users can explore the data assets of specific teams or during onboarding, facilitating quicker, more informed decisions and learning. It's all about driving collective intelligence and making CastorDoc a vibrant, collaborative space for knowledge sharing and decision making.

Try User Teams in CastorDoc

Your data tells a story within your broader organization and individual teams, where every team views data through their lens and within a larger narrative. Tapping into that narrative with features like User Teams builds collective intelligence and data understanding that drives business results. 

Learn more and try user teams in CastorDoc here

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