The Business Impact of a Data Catalog

What are the business benefits of having a Data Catalog?

The Business Impact of a Data Catalog

Would you ever imagine having to do a Google Search without a search engine? Well, personally, I wouldn't even know where to start. So much data, coming from everywhere, not knowing which will provide the most insightful answer. I would be madness and a cruel loss of productivity.

Now... Why are we, data people, still browsing across tens of thousands of data assets without a search engine?

People would say that installing a data discovery tool:

  • is long
  • is expensive
  • is not even so efficient
  • is hard to maintain  

We have solved that problem for you. Castor is a friendly, plug-and-play, collaborative data discovery solution. Signup in a click, extract value in minutes.

What are the benefits of implementing Castor?

The three major business benefits of implementing Castor are:

  1. Improved productivity of your data teams. Castor helps anyone in the organization to find the right data for their use case quickly. It is often said that data scientists and data analysts spend only 20% of their time doing data analysis work, with 80% consumed by data issues. With Castor, the ratio of data issues time vs. data analysis time is reversed to 20% data time and 80% analysis time.
  2. Data trust and compliance. Castor helps data teams to trust the data the comes from a reliable source such as reliable data owner, most frequently used data sets. Also, Castor helps data teams spot data compliance issues such as identifying PII data. We can even generate your GDPR reports automatically once the catalog is well documented.
  3. Collaborate on the only "source of truth": Castor is not only a tool to find data, but also a place to share and discuss data assets. Define your KPI (business and technical definition), link them to the tables used to create them, and the dashboard in which analysts can follow them. No more useless Slack message to ask questions regarding data as the answer will always be, "Go check on Castor".

Discovering and identifying data that delivers value, governing the quality, and security of data are some of the biggest challenges that organizations have to face in years to come.

AI-augmented, plug-and-play, collaborative Data Catalogs will be a must-have solution in their data ecosystem for organizations to keep making data-driven decisions with trust and confidence.

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