Faster Onboarding, Safer Offboarding

Faster Onboarding, Safer Offboarding

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Work together like you're in the same room

Castor is your hub for asynchronous data communication. Collaborative documentation makes everything go faster. Never misunderstand a data table or a dashboard. Always trust the data you are looking at, on your own.

Equip everyone with the same information

Your data team uses tens of different tools, information gets lost. Remote work demands radical transparency so people don't duplicate work or go in the wrong direction. Castor is your source of truth.

Move projects forward without meetings

Understand a dashboard, align on KPI definition, certify data assets, or claim ownership in a click. Track data projects in a way that works for your team. Work more collaboratively in a shared space that everyone can access and understand.

Castor is designed
for company-wide adoption.

Customer Story
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"Castor gave us an easy and friendly tool to maintain documentation for thousands of tables. We can now leverage the work we do on data governance to give autonomy to our data people and make them more efficient”

Aleksander Djurka form Vestiaire Collective

Aleksander Djurka
Chief Information Officer







Customer Story

" I was hooked since the first demo. The product is well engineered with an elegant user centric approach.
The data lineage capabilities helped us identify downstream problems or troubleshoot data pipeline issues faster. I highly recommend using Castor. "

Ibrahim Elkadi
Head of BI & Analytics Engineering


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Have an overview of all your data environment. Search for data instantly thanks to our powerful search engine.
Onboard to a new data infrastructure and access data in a breeze.

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Go beyond your traditional data catalog. Modern data teams now have numerous data sources, build one truth.
With its delightful and automated documentation experience, Castor makes it dead simple to trust data.

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Column-level, cross-system data lineage in minutes. Get a bird’s eye view of your data pipelines to build trust in your data. Troubleshoot data issues, perform impact analyses, comply with GDPR in one tool.

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Optimize performance, cost, compliance, and security for your data.
Keep your data stack healthy with our automated infrastructure monitoring system.

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