Introducing: AI Knowledge Draft generation

Get All the Knowledge Content You Need, Right When You Need It

Introducing: AI Knowledge Draft generation

We are excited to announce a new feature to our modern data catalog: our AI Knowledge Draft Generation.

Whilst many business definitions and metrics can differ from one organization to another, some are universal across the board. Metrics such as ARR, Customer Success, or Churn rate for instance are consistently similar across many (if not most) companies.

With that in mind, ensuring your team understands organizational knowledge and speaks a single, unified company language is crucial to a healthy data culture. The need for a common understanding of definitions, KPIs, and metrics cannot be overstated, especially considering its  impact on business performance.

However, tedious is the task of having to define and elaborate company terms and concepts from scratch. In this fast-paced data-driven world, many organisations struggle with the sheer time and effort required to capture and maintain knowledge. Anything to give you an edge helps, and the good news is, we can help!

With Castor AI, you can now place your trust in our automated intelligence to do all the handy work for you, generating all the knowledge content you might need, right when you need it. Here is how it works…

Automatic Knowledge, Courtesy of AI

By leveraging AI capabilities, Castor AI generates on-demand drafts for your knowledge content in a matter of seconds. Be it metrics, domains, KPIs, acronyms…  we can enhance your knowledge creation process and in turn, optimize your knowledge consumption.

Much like a writing assistant, Castor AI can articulate ideas for you, helping you structure your thoughts into coherent, comprehensive content.

You’ll no longer be burdened with having to start on a blank canvas, as your role now involves reviewing, tweaking, and approving the drafts. Our only mission is to simplify and streamline knowledge documentation and to empower you with a jump start to the often laborious process of creating knowledge content.

With automatic descriptions, calculations, and information about uses and limitations (of anything) at the ready, our Knowledge AI feature ensures that you spend less time wondering and more time refining.

How It All Comes Together

Now, the best part: Using our knowledge draft generation is user-friendly and effortless. Here’s all you need to do:

👉 Input a title for your knowledge page.

👉Select its type (be it metric, acronym, domain, and more).

👉Watch as AI crafts a draft to kickstart your documentation!

Built on the foundation of Open AI models, this new feature is a guaranteed means of boosting and streamlining your knowledge documentation process. If you’re interested, we encourage you to see for yourself and try AI Knowledge Draft Generation!

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