Sync Backs Across Your Data Stack: Early Access

Make documentation accessible across your entire data stack with early access to new Sync Backs for Snowflake, BigQuery, Tableau, and Looker.

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Following our Sync Back to dbt announcement, we’re thrilled to bring you even more opportunities to keep your documentation close to the source – regardless of which tools you do your work. Today, we’re announcing that Sync Back is back with more tools, now supporting Snowflake, BigQuery, Tableau, and Looker in addition to dbt.  

Sync Back allows you to push metadata back to your data stack from one central source of truth within Castor. These new Sync Backs are available by request for Early Access, and current customers can reach out now to get started. If you’re not yet a customer and would like to learn more, get in touch today to discuss how Sync Back improves your data experience. 

A New Take on Data Catalogs

Data is alive within your organization, constantly changing as new data is collected and context is curated. And importantly, your data should be accessible and discoverable directly within your organization’s workflow, which is different for everyone. Sync Back uniquely allows organizations to cultivate a central source of truth while making documentation accessible within your frequently used data tools. 

Active participation in the data stack is a foundational change in the role of your data catalog. Sync Back steps outside the box of passive documentation and moves into a world where your data has a life of its own – where it is curated, collaborated with, and actively pushed back to the tools in your data stack. This means that teams can now access context about their data assets directly within the tools they use every day.

A Centralized Command Center

Castor's Sync Back feature eliminates the need to switch between different tools for teams to access context about their data assets. With our dbt Sync Back and now our early access to Snowflake, BigQuery, Tableau, and Looker, you can push metadata back across your data stack. Sync Back uniquely allows organizations to cultivate a central source of truth while making documentation accessible within the familiar data tools you use every day.

The legacy role of a data catalog as a passive metadata extractor is no longer the standard. With Sync Back, Castor actively participates in the data stack, so teams can use Castor as a centralized hub that pushes context everywhere.  

Try the New Sync Backs

With this release, Sync Back now works with Snowflake, BigQuery, Tableau, and Looker in early access, in addition to our previously released Sync Back with dbt. During early access, Sync Back is available by request.

Learn more and try Sync Back early access with Snowflake, BigQuery, Tableau, and Looker here.

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