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As a data analyst, you draw conclusions from data to describe and improve business performance. You play a critical role, as you provide insights to senior management and business leaders in support of decision-making efforts. As volume of data grow, your key challenge is to locate and understand strategic data assets for the company.

Data Analyst

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You struggle when it it comes to finding and understanding the data assets you need.  You spend 80% of your time grappling with questions such as "What does this column name mean? Can this data be trusted? Who can I ask if I have a question about the data?".

Business terms aren't clearly defined, and there is no common agreement on how to calculate specific metrics. The result? When two departments compute the ROI, they always end up with two completely different results.

When conducting data analysis,  you often repeat preliminary analyses that have already been performed by some of your peers.

Find the data you need.  With Castor's search and documentation features, spend 70% less time looking for data. Instead, spend your time analyzing data to drive business performance.

Never get a metric wrong. What is an Active User? Is it the same for marketing, sales, finance and product? Castor aligns everyone in the company on KPIs and definitions.

Collaborate with your peers. Your colleagues often face the same questions and challenges as you do. Castor's collaborative features such as query history or conversation allow you to leverage the work of others.

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Castor does not access data itself. We only connect to metadata (schema, table, column names, etc). In addition, we are committed to security and focused on keeping you and your metadata safe. Castor follows industry-leading security standards.

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