Data Engineer

Visualize your data pipelines

As a data engineer, you are responsible for laying the foundations of data analysis. You create and maintain the analytics infrastructure that everyone uses. You build data pipelines that transform raw, unstructured data into formats data scientists can use for analysis. As data volumes grow, building trustworthy data pipelines and reducing incidents caused by data issues become more and more of a challenge.

Data Engineer

How Castor helps

Find, understand and prepare data

Visualise and monitor your data pipeline

Collaborate with your peers

What if... you used Castor?

You find it hard to identify and find relevant data for your data pipeline.

You don't have a holistic understanding of data quality, you can't identify where errors are occurring or how reports are constructed.

You don't know how data assets are used, and you're left in the dark when it comes to improving aspects of your work.

Find, query and issue data. Through Castor search features, finding, querying and publishing data assets has never been simpler.

Visualize your data pipeline. With Castor, trace problems and perform an impact analysis in minutes, with a powerful lineage feature that let you track the data from beginning to end.

Observe table usage. How is the data team using the tables you have created? With Castor, this is no secret for you. You understand how people use your table, and this allows you to continuously improve them.

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Castor does not access data itself. We only connect to metadata (schema, table, column names, etc). In addition, we are committed to security and focused on keeping you and your metadata safe. Castor follows industry-leading security standards.

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