Data Steward

Make sure every data resource can be trusted

As a Data Steward, you are responsible for the integrity of data assets in your company. You define procedures for day-to-day operational and administrative management systems and data - including intake, storage, processing, and transmission of data to internal and external systems. You're also in charge of defining and documenting data and terminology in the relevant glossary. This includes ensuring that each critical data element has a clear definition and is still in use.

Data Steward

How Castor helps

Focus on strategic data

Measure progress

Augment documentation efforts with automation.

What if... you used Castor?

As volume of data grows, you don't know where to put your documentation efforts. Data assets in your company are poorly documented and data users have a hard time getting access to high quality data.

You lack visibility on the documentation level of data assets. How many well documented tables do you have in the company? Which tables require curation efforts? You simply have no idea.

Documentation is a slow and painful process. You have to document everything manually, and it's preventing you from focusing on more important stuff.

Focus on strategic data. Castor provides you with insights such as common data users and popularity of datasets. You ensure popular tables are perfectly documented, saving time and energy to the data team.

Measure your progress. With Castor, you have full visibility of how far you've gone, and what you need to do to reach your documentation goals.

Augment documentation efforts with automation. With Castor, your documentation efforts are immediately rewarded. Documentation is instantly propagated to all the relevant columns and datasets. Never repeat the same work twice anymore.

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Castor does not access data itself. We only connect to metadata (schema, table, column names, etc). In addition, we are committed to security and focused on keeping you and your metadata safe. Castor follows industry-leading security standards.

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