Head of Data

Bring Trust and Visibility to Your Data Team's Work

As Head of Data, your goal is to create an environment allowing all different parties to access the data they need painlessly, enforce data governance, and ensure data quality. You act as a bridge between the data team and the main business unit, acting both as a visionary and a technical lead. You ultimately define the roadmap of the data team and ensure that data impacts business outcomes.

Head of Data

How Castor helps

Self service BI

Trusted data across your organization

Clear data governance strategy

What if... you used Castor?

The data team isn't autonomous. Data users don't know who to turn to for questions about data assets.

Lack of trust in BI reports and dashboards

Data insights are only accessible to technical profiles.

Self-service BI. With Castor, your data team is fully autonomous. Everyone in the company can locate, understand and use data assets in a flawless manner.

Trust and explainability. Easily locate the source and owner of data assets.

Data democratisation. create a common language around company’s data. Build a self-serve analytics platform

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Deploy safely in minutes.

Castor does not access data itself. We only connect to metadata (schema, table, column names, etc). In addition, we are committed to security and focused on keeping you and your metadata safe. Castor follows industry-leading security standards.

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for company-wide adoption.