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After 500+ conversations with Heads of Data, VP Data, CDO, COO/CROs, CMOs & CEO, we realized data teams were suffering from metrics chaos.

No matter how great the data team is. If business users can’t easily understand the metrics, where they come from, and what they other KPIs they feed, it is hard for them to make good use of data.

This is why we are building a KPI MAP for each industry vertical:

  • E-commerce
  • SaaS
  • Fintech
  • Logistics
  • Etc.

We’ve started with e-commerce, and can’t wait to show you. Here’s a sneak peek:

Our KPI map allows you to accurately and quickly answer questions such as:

  • What are the macro and micro KPIs to monitor so you can effectively manage the growth of your business?
  • What data should be collected to build these KPIs?
  • What dashboards should be created based on the analysis scopes? (marketing acquisition, sales, customer retention, etc.)
  • How to structure these dashboards according to analysis/visualization objectives (strategic "macro" pages, more operational "micro" pages, etc.)
  • What KPIs should be prioritized when faced with a decrease in MRR, CLV, the number of MQLs, CAC Payback, retention rate, CTR of Google Ads campaigns, etc.?

When you hover over a KPI, a box appears with information related to it (see video above)! Convenient, right? 🤓