Now Live: Castor AI

Now Live: Castor AI

Castor AI’s query explainer is here with our first dip into the wave of AI innovation. Now available by request, customers can use Castor AI to explain queries in natural English, so anyone in your organization can understand what is happening behind the SQL.

Collective Knowledge Starts With Including Everyone

A key pillar of driving collective company knowledge is to include everyone in an organization, regardless of skill set. However, business users often approach data tools with uncertainty and don’t always know the language to interpret their data. 

One of the primary barriers for business users is understanding SQL, which limits their ability to truly understand their data. Moreover, even for analysts, reviewing SQL queries can often be long and complex – taking time to read and understand a query, can ultimately slow down momentum. 

Castor AI's query explainer is a step toward breaking down this barrier. 

Easily Understand All Your Queries

With our AI query explainer, anyone in your organization can view SQL queries in Castor and quickly understand what the query is doing. Whether users are data savvy or not, they can click "Ask AI to explain this query," which will trigger Castor AI to translate the query into natural language. This is one more feature to help you save time hunting down answers. Now, you can always understand what is right in front of you. 

Security Front & Center, Always

At Castor, we recognize the critical importance of security within your organization and data stack. With that in mind, we only incorporate compliant tools, like the leading AI tool and creator of ChatGPT, OpenAI. 

Castor AI is powered by one of the AI models offered by OpenAI, which also fuels their public ChatGPT. However, Castor and OpenAI share a Data Processing Addendum in addition to OpenAI's standard terms, where OpenAI agrees to comply with data privacy and data protection laws, including U.S. Privacy Laws and GDPR.  

Rest assured, Castor AI is only activated by request, so it is there when and if your organization decides to enable it. 

What’s Next for Castor AI?

Our query explainer is just the start. AI provides a profound opportunity to automate documentation and build true data democracy by bridging skill gaps.

In fact, we are already building out the next AI feature, automated column description. This feature will use AI to automatically generate column descriptions to help shave months off your data documenting timeline. So watch out for more from Castor AI in the coming weeks!  

Get Castor AI 

Get access to Castor AI's query explainer now and be the first to try out upcoming AI features as they become available. 

Learn more and try out Castor AI's query interpreter here.

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