Introducing Castor AI 2.0

AI powered documentation and knowledge pages in seconds.

Introducing Castor AI 2.0

With Castor AI’s query explainer, we made our first leap into AI innovation. It marked a significant moment for data catalogs and our journey to democratize data, breaking down technical barriers by translating SQL queries into natural language. In turn, making data more accessible to everyone within an organization.

Today we are announcing the next phase of Castor AI with AI powered documentation. You can now use AI to write descriptions for columns, tables and dashboards along with drafting knowledge pages for you. In short, our AI now allows you to document even faster. These new AI powered features are currently in early access and will be rolling out to customers by request over the next few weeks.

AI-Powered Column Descriptions

We know documenting data can feel overwhelming and tedious when done manually; anything to give you an edge helps. With Castor AI, you can now use AI to automatically document your columns, tables, and dashboards. Castor AI generates descriptions in batches, and simultaneously so that you can offload the heavy lifting. Quickly generate descriptions, review them, and then save. 

With auto descriptions, you'll now have a head start with easily identifiable suggestions, and all these descriptions will begin with "🤖 From AI:." If you ever need to delete all AI-generated descriptions, we have made that possible with one click. This approach ensures we maintain a balance between speed and accuracy while giving you the control to verify the AI-generated content and never start with a blank page.

Knowledge Fueled By AI

Ensuring your team understands the context around organizational knowledge and domains is critical to a thriving data culture. However, starting descriptions or knowledge pages from scratch can feel daunting. That’s why Castor AI now speeds up your process with knowledge page drafting and gives you a head start when creating knowledge pages. This feature is your writing assistant, helping structure your thoughts and ideas into coherent, comprehensive content. AI knowledge pages paired with auto descriptions ensure you never start with a blank slate.

We’re Not Done With AI Yet

Our vision is to empower teams to build lean, efficient data stacks, increase collaboration and trust around data, and encourage collective intelligence within your teams. To bring that vision to life, we are committed to driving innovation across the product and with Castor AI.

More AI features are on the roadmap and coming soon. This includes building on our foundational AI and exploring new capabilities like conversational AI to help navigate and synthesize your data. So stay tuned for more updates; as always, your feedback is invaluable in shaping the future of CastorDoc.

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